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Hand Axe 12.5 inch Forged Carbon Steel with Leather Sheath

Hand Axe 12.5 inch Forged Carbon Steel with Leather Sheath


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UNIVERSAL ONE HANDED AXE: This is a relatively short hatchet with an overall length of only 12.5 inches, and the weight is 1.5 lbs. Light and small axe that can cut branches with one hand. This axe is good enough to tackle even small trees and perform other small tasks like trail clearing, bushcraft, cutting firewood and kindling, yard landscaping and maintenance, or getting the wood ready for a campfire. Note that this mini camping axe is not meant to cut down big trees.

HOW TO USE A CARBON STEEL AX: Forging a carbon steel heat-treated blade increases its density and makes it more durable. This axe does not have a very sharp blade and razor-sharp cuts like other axes, and the thick blade relies on punching and support to split the wood. For thicker wood, you need to split the wood with the front and back of the axe as the impact splits the wood. If you have any questions during use, please get in touch with us.

DAILY MAINTENANCE: You will receive an ax that may not have the sharp blade you want, but the thin design of the ax reduces felling resistance and facilitates deep feeling. If you want a short head, you need to sharpen the blade. In addition, wipe the blade clean after using the axe and keep it in a dry room, so the blade doesn't rust and the wood handle doesn't rot. Berry &Bird garden tools, 30-day free replacement, hassle-free 10-year warranty, and friendly customer service.

OUTDOOR COMPANION: This short ax also comes with a leather sheath to protect the blade and prevent accidental injury. Due to its small size, it can easily be left anywhere and fit comfortably in the bag. Ideal for campers, hikers, outdoor activities, preparing wood for campfires, and garden work.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our handles are made of high-quality ash willow from cold regions in high latitudes, forage hard, and have strong toughness, shock resistance, and wear resistance. The handle is polished and varnished for a more comfortable feel. It is a good helper for long-term labor and perfect as a gift for a father & husband.
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