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Digging Spade Gardening Square Border Spade 41.3 inch with D-Grip Handle

Digging Spade Gardening Square Border Spade 41.3 inch with D-Grip Handle


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Multi-Use: This digging spade is generally used for digging trenches, digging holes, transplanting, edging, moving compost, cutting thick turf and furrowing. The sharp blade allows you to cut, scoop, dig, lift and dice in hard soil. You can use it as a garden edge shovel, trench shovel, plough shovel, camp shovel, car snow shovel, and beach shovel. It is very suitable for gardening, camping, off-road or beach use. This is an excellent gardening gift for gardening enthusiasts.

Ideal Tool for All Gardeners' Use: Our heavy-duty border-digging spade is designed by a professional gardening tool designer. The tool has a beautiful design and a high collection value. Compared to those gardening tools made of cheap plastic with bright colours, this is a classic that will never go out of style, and we are sure you will enjoy looking at it and using it. It is suitable for all gardening enthusiasts.

Lifetime Durability: This heavy-duty digging spade is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is robust and durable; even if it is used for high-strength work, it will not bend. Great for slicing far into the soil, you can trust this digging spade to break up the most challenging parts of your garden. After the stainless steel is polished, the adhesion of the dirt can be reduced, and it is easy to clean. This tool is enough for you to use for 10 years or more!

Ergonomic Wood Handle: This fork is made of ash hardwood from FSC-certified forests and has an ergonomic, streamlined design that effectively reduces fatigue in our hands. The ash hardwood handle is strong and lightweight, and the wooden handle feels excellent on the hands. The non-slip D-shaped handle keeps your wrist in a neutral position to reduce stress, providing comfort and a good grip, which can firmly cut through complex and challenging surfaces.

What You Get: 1* Berry &Bird heavy duty border digging spade, 30-day free replacement, our worry-free 10-year warranty and friendly customer service.

Description: The Digging Spade Gardening Square Border Spade is the perfect tool for all your digging needs. Its sharp, blade easily cuts through soil and roots, making it ideal for a variety of tasks.
Use it to plant seeds and bulbs, divide plants, and create holes for new plants. The square-shaped blade is also great for edging and shaping borders in your garden.
In addition to its digging capabilities, the Digging Spade is also a durable and reliable tool. Its high-quality materials and sturdy build ensure that it can withstand the rigors of regular use.
So whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner gardener, the Digging Spade is the perfect tool to have on hand. Its versatility and functionality make it a must-have for any garden.

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